HAAD EXAM for Nurses – Migrate to Abu Dhabi..

haad exam for nursesAbu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and also capital of the largest of the UAE’s seven member emirates. This is one of the highest paying Arab states in terms of healthcare. They offer superb prospects and wages to healthcare professionals especially to the nursing service professionals. Some hospitals perhaps give full family sponsorship and scholarship for the employee’s children. Choosing Abhu Dhabi for your employment will be a highly rewarding and financially wise decision.

But due to widespread falsification of documents and incompetent services maybe, the Health Authorities of Abu Dhabi demands every job applicant to undergo HAAD examinations and the data flow procedure.

Allindividuals who wish to work in Abu Dhabi as a nurse or healthcare professional must pass HAAD exam in their area of jurisdiction and obtain registration from the Health Authority. HAAD or Health Authority Abu Dhabi is the regulatory body for all healthcare associated professions. If a nurse want to work in Abu Dhabi, then he/she need to get a HAAD-RN license to practice. Please go through the office website of HAAD for all details about the exam http://www.haad.ae.

Inorder to apply for the exam, one must be currently working and must have local RN licence and possess valid passport for applying for the HAAD exam. Preferably, one should have current working experience of atleast 2 years out of which 1 year should be in the Medical-Surgical Ward & 1 year in a specialty area in a hospital. You can check up the website of pearson vue for scheduling the exam. Their official website is:


You need to create an online account and schedule the exam dateb efore you can see the nearest exam locations. You can schedule for HAAD exam after paying $90 through a credit card. The place, time and date of exam will be saved in your pearson vue account and you can take a print out of the same.

The HAAD exam, in many ways, is similar to the NLEX-RN. One must prepare for the test seriously, or else, he/she will fail. Like NCLEX, HAAD also is a computer-based one. You need to carefully listen to the instructions given by the proctor before starting the exam. After the exam, you will get the result instntly. If you pass, you will get the license to practice their profession and can legally work in any private health care facilities in Abu Dhabi.The test is composed of 150 multiple choice items, which the nurse must answer within three (3) hours.

Passing HAAD exam requires thorough preparation and one must have the right references and study guides. You are expected to have a good knowledge of Medical/Surgical procedures and Fundamentals of nursing.About 30 percent of the questions will be from the nursing fundamentals. Preparation should starts months before the exam.

There are several books you can refer for the HAAD preparation apart from plenty of online resources. Some of the important books are:

  • The Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice (9th Edition)
  • Brunner & Suddarth’s Textbook of Nursing Practice, 12th ed.
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, 6th ed.
  • Ignatavicius & Workman Medical-Surgical Nursing Critical Thinking For Collaborative Care 5th Edition Saunders
  • Ignatavicius & Workman Medical-Surgical Nursing Critical Thinking For Collaborative Care 6th Edition Saunders Vol 1, Vol 2 ISBN
  • Fundamentals of Nursing: Standards & Practice, 3rd ed.
  • Fundamentals of Nursing: Standards & Practice, 4rd ed.
  • Myles Textbook for Midwives 5th Edition
  • British National Formulary BNF.org
  • The John Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2nd Edition (2002)
  • Nurses’ Quick Reference to Common Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests, 4th and 5th ed.
  • Pharmacotherapy Handbook 7th Edition
  • Pediatrics ‘A Primary Care Approach’ Saunders (2000)
  • Mosby’s Physical Examination Handbook Volume 1
  • Nurses Quick Reference to ‘Common Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests 4thEd.

Also it is a good idea to join some local good coaching centres. They will give revision of questions and also give mock tests, which will boost your confidence level.
The IELTS Academy in Bangalore gives an intensive training programme for the HAAD Exam. Their 45 days regular program is spread over most of the systems in a well planned method.

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